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We offer data collection and documentation services for the insurance and construction industries, inspections and promotional video for real estate, b-roll for news and pick up shots, and shooting for corporate and independent video projects, including kickstarters, TV commercials, product demos and films.

Matthew Greenfeld and John Bianco

Matthew Greenfeld and John Bianco

About The Company

We are an aerial photography and video production company that has the experience and the creativity to bring your visual request to life. Knowing how to use the latest technology is just the beginning! Creating a narrative that makes sense even for the most basic drone aerial or conventional shooting request is key to our success. Using the most advanced tools won't give you what you want unless there is experience behind them. We are located in Western Massachusetts but have a nationwide reach. 



John Bianco

An award-winning director and producer, John hails from the broadcast television news world where he spent nearly two decades with NBC in New York involved with numerous high-profile network programs, news specials and multi-part documentaries. 

John has been flying radio controlled helicopters and planes for over 30 years. He purchased and flew his first drone during the summer of 2013 and was hooked. He has been flying drones exclusively since. His passion for everything drones led him to start @DroneNewscaster to share the latest news from around the globe about drones. John is a member of the American Model Association and holds the FAA's remote pilot airman certificate. 

A member of the Directors Guild of America, John has a Masters in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University and a BS in Psychology from The State University of New York.

Matthew Greenfeld

Matt has spent years honing his skills as a videographer and editor – his latest achievement becoming an FAA certified remote pilot and adding aerial cinematography to his growing body of work for a variety of companies and individuals.

He has completed dozens of corporate videos for roadshow presentations featuring top industry titans for NetRoadshow, where he was responsible for video and audio projects ranging from IPOs to municipal bond offerings as well as optimizing the on-camera performance of C-level executives.

Additionally, he is an accomplished editor, who has worked on everything from music videos to website trailers. Holding a BA from UCONN in Psychology and Film Studies, Matt not only has the skills to operate any camera in the air or on the ground, but the ability to craft an appealing product and meaningful story in post production. 


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